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Episode 8: Glycolysis is up. Finally!

May 21, 2012

…and here’s tha Ska Bands Like Us set I said I’d post on this site.

Okay, this episode was surprisingly difficult to put together.  It took way longer to finish that I planned.  I messed up about 6 times shooting this.  Finding time to edit was a nightmare.  I wasn’t able to insert the still images quite the way I wanted, and Itunes was not playing nice with Windows Movie Maker.

I’ll be the first to admit I took a few shortcuts on the editing side.  I really wanted to have the glycolysis slides show up with my voice over the top, instead of silence.  I know how to do this, or at least I thought I did.  I dunno, didn’t seem worth the extra hour or two to figure it out.  Glad to finally have this episode finished.

So big thanks to the Two Tone Lizard Kings and Ska Bands Like Us for tolerating my slower-than-usual production cycle.  Better late than never, I guess.

I did get to check out a ska show this Saturday– The Original Middle Age Ska Enjoy Club, and The Longshots.  They each played an amazing set, and hopefully I can work things out to feature their music in the future.

I did get some constructive feedback that maybe the merging of ska and biology isn’t really working out as well as I would like to think.  And maybe has a point.  Maybe this word work better as just a ska site–just drop the biology altogether.  CD/EP reviews are considerably easier to put together than my bio lectures– they’re also a lot more fun.p

I guess I seem really enthusiastic about the ska, and despite my best efforts the lecture part still comes off dry and uninteresting.

At the very least, maybe it would be help to discuss why I thought ska ‘n biology would be a good combination.  As much as my education has shaped my outlook on life as well as my professional career, I have some real problems with education as a business model.  It’s sort of a monkey that’s perpetually on my back.  Education is great–but when money changes hands, it muddies the waters.

Perhaps more on this later.  Perhaps not.

I dunno.  What do my viewers think.  You-like-a-the-biology?  Or do you just come here for the ska? I’d like to get your opinion.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out and buying our album! We hope to see you at another show soon!
    Jed (bass player for OMASEC)

    • Thanks man, always cool to get a positive response from people. You guys played an awesome show!

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