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Ska-o-lantern 2012 Winners.

Am I going to be a complete asshole and make people watch an 8 minute video to see who won?  Yeah, I am.

Though I guess you could always fast forward if you wanted to spoil things…


Your 2012 Ska-o-lantern entries


Event Facebook page:

Bah-dah-buh-bah-ba.  McSkanolds.  Get it?

Do the dog!

It’s a ska eat ska world.

This is Madness!

You act like this when pumpkins arise.

You been drinking brew for breakfast
Rudie can’t fail

A Skaco Bell Special–love the inclusion of the horn bell and the burrito.

The Aquagourd.  It’s Super Rad!

This one’s called Treatlight Manifesto.

A Buck-o-lantern, which I’ve been told is not the same thing as a Buck-o-nine-o-lantern.  It was submitted with the caption “flattery will get you everywhere.”  Clearly a submission designed to court a certain judge’s vote; a bold strategy.  We’ll see if it works…

Video instructions for Ska-o-lantern contest

Update (10/3/2012)  Dave Wakeling is one of the guest judges.

Update (10/3/2012)  We welcome Tbone Willy to the judges panel.

Event Facebook page

Email your submission to  Photos will be posted here.  Just make sure you get them in by October 25th.  Looking forward to your submissions.

Two-Tone Miles (Organizing, but not competing).

Ska-o-lantern 2012 competition

Event Facebook page:

I love Halloween.  I love carving pumpkins.  And I love ska music.

And I’m putting my money where my mouth is and betting that there are people out there who feel the same way as me.  So in that spirit, I welcome you to enter the 2012 Ska-o-lantern pumpkin carving contest.  1st prize is 50 bucks in Itunes money, 2nd is $25, and 3rd is $15.
A lot of cool bands are kicking in merchandise.  Your submission automatically enters you in a drawing to win merchandise.  I’m doing the band merch this way for a couple reasons.  Number one, it seems like a fun way to hook contestants up with CDs they may not already own.  Number two, it keeps one person from walking away with the lions share of the loot.  And, number three, it keeps me from imposing my personal taste on the prize structure.

The rules are pretty simple.

Email your submission to

If possible include a clever caption with the photo

Photos of the entries will be posted on this website

Submissions are due October 25th

Band merch will be given away by drawing, but the top prizes are decided by judges vote

Celebrity guest judges include:  Robert “Bucket” Hingley, Less than Jake, Greg Proops, Dave Wakeling (10/17/12:  Big thanks to Tbone Willy of Save Ferris/Starpool fame)

I hope to announce the winners Halloween night, maybe even with a special guest doing the announcement–could just be me in a costume, could be someone cool, I just don’t know yet.

I’m pretty damn enthusiastic about the whole venture.  After 8 months of making videos and posts, this feels like a nice synthesis.  A lot of bands who’ve let me use their music in my videos are chipping in prizes, and even a couple of new bands are getting into the mix.  So to have everyone coming together for this contest is pretty damn cool.

Also, the guest judging panel?  I’m pretty floored by who said yes.  I mean if you were to go back 7 years and tell me that I’d have Bucket, Less than Jake, and Greg Proops working with me on one of my projects, I’d have said you were crazy.  It just goes to show that asking politely can still get you somewhere in this day and age.

To all the bands, who are working with me on this, I thank you so much for your support.  Your collaboration, your music, and your friendship is just incredible.

To all potential competitors, I eagerly await your submissions.  I want this website to be a collage of Ska-o-lanterns.

Happy Skalloween everybody!

I swear this website’s not dead!

No posts since the end of June?  That’s 2 1/2 months since my last post.  Unacceptable!
Truth be told, maybe my whole guy with a webcam schtick works better as a youtube channel than a blog.  After all, it’s mostly just embedded videos anyways…
But I am trying to put together a contest, and a website to view the entries would be the best way to do that.
So in the interest of reviving the website, I’m going to be posting a backlog of my videos–stuff I should’ve posted earlier, but didn’t because I was too busy this summer.

How busy?  I’ve logged almost 500 overtime hours this year-to-date, a 20% increase over the last year.  So that kind of explains the lack of posts, and the lack of Biology in ska-‘n-biology as of late.  I do mean to get back to talking Biology, and hope I haven’t pissed off my Bio editor to any great length.  The truth of the matter is, the bio vids take nearly 3x more time to make, and with all the summer overtime, I decided to do a lot of straight up ska vids.
Hope to get back to Bio soon… maybe October?

Until then enjoy the first two videos in my Toasters Retrospective series, covering Skaboom!  And Thrill Me Up, respectively.

Stay tuned for more vids.

-Two-Tone Miles

In case you missed it: Take Your Place by General Rudie

I’ve never truly written up my top 10 list of ska albums.  Maybe I could make a video out of that?

It’s a shame I’ll never get to see General Rudie perform live.  Take Your Place is an incredible CD, and I would’ve loved to hear a follow-up record.

Episode 9 is up…finally!

I’ve been really busy lately.  This is the problem of being in Ag. research.  I work 60 hour work weeks from about May until September.  It’s definitely making it tough to get videos out.  I may need to space things out a bit more, and pick up the pace in the fall and winter when things quiet down a bit more.

That being said, I really enjoy making this videos, and will try my damndest to get things done in a timely fashion.

As for editing, this one was a nightmare.  Apparently, I couldn’t count to save my life.  My carbon counts were completely off the mark.  I needed factual accuracy, and so I had to go back and reshoot the entire middle section of the video.  Hence the disappearing glasses.  Oh, and apparently I couldn’t remeber how many NADHs you get, or that the ATP you get starts out as a GTP and gets converted.

I had to hack this one up pretty good.  That being said, the bigger picture stuff is all there, and the inaccuracies have been corrected.  If you have questions shoot me an email.

Here’s the episode…

And this made me smile.  It’s a 25 year old video of The Toasters performing Pool Shark from back in the day.  They’ve got crazy energy in this video.  Man, if only I had a time machine…